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6-5 Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

5-7 Arithmetic Sequences

6-8 Domain and Range of Functions

5-8 Linear Regressions

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Algebra Unit 1-2

PEMDAS – Order Of Operations


1-2 Order of Operations student notes




Algebra Unit 1-6

1-6 Function Tables

1-6 Function Tables student notes

Algebra Unit 1-3

1-3 Writing Expressions

1-3 Writing Expressions student notes

Art of Problem Solving

The Art of Problem Solving is probably the best math related website on the Internet.  If you have never spent time on this site it has some amazing content for competitive mathematics.  My two favorite things on the site are 1) Alcumus which is a self paced, level based math curriculum teaching everything you need for Math Counts and 2) my personal favorite thing on the Internet right now  For The Win (FTW)  which is a game in which student can log on and compete with each other on Math Count like problems.  Here is a link to the site, Alcumus, and For The Win.  If you don’t have an account for Art of Problem Solving I would recommend you get one and start keeping track of what you are doing.


Art of Problem Solving



Number Sense Booklet is Up!!

Over the last two years I have been working on making a group of teaching videos that follow along the Number Sense Workbook I published. You can purchase the book here . I feel this is a great product for a lot of reasons but the integration of video lessons and the booklets really make this self paced.  My hope is you will buy  the workbook and watch the videos that go along with each lessons.  Each lesson is covering a concept on the Texas Math Sense Coaches Association TMSCA Number Sense test.  As you learn these tricks you will be well on your way to a perfect scores (400) on TMSCA Number Sense Test.  It can be done!!!!  ENJOY!!!

Here’s a link to the Video section