Algebra Lessons and Notes Overview

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Welcome to the product of my summer vacation. My summer was spent recording the lessons I teach in Algebra and putting them on this website. After 40 plus lessons they are done.  Each unit in Algebra 1 has been broken up into separate lessons.

In each lesson you will find

1) a copy of the notes for that lesson
2) a video showing you how to do the examples in the notes.

If you are ever absent from class first go to the front page of the Algebra section  and find out what you missed.  Print a copy of the notes, watch the video and fill out the notes as you watch the video. You will also notice on the front page of the Algebra section of that there is a calendar. If you don’t know what the assignment was or you lost your homework slip simply look at the calendar and download the correct worksheet the goes with the assignment. Due to copyright laws all the worksheets are password protected. Please speak to your teacher for access to the worksheets.

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