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Winter Break Online Advanced Number Sense Class


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Winter Break Online Advanced Number Sense Class

Back by popular demand this December, Anthony Gillespey the founder of MathNinja.Org and coach of the highest scoring state championship TMSCA Number Sense Team will be hosting 3-day online Winter Break Advanced Number Sense Class.  The class sizes will be kept small so make sure you sign up early.  Once the class is full, I will not be letting anyone else attend, last year we had a full class so purchase early. I typically charge $60.00 an hour for tutoring so this is a great bargain for 6 hours of classes for $125.00.  All classes will be via internet.  If you are unable to attend the camp. I will be recording the class each day and sending you a copy of the video.  So even if you can’t make the class that day you will still get the learning.   All that is required is a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access with a microphone. I would also recommend that you purchase the Advanced Number Sense Volume 2 book  (Blue book) as we will be using this extensively.

This class will be a fast-paced format where I will try and cover as many of the newer tricks that are appearing on TMSCA tests the last 4 years.

The Class will be at 10am to 12pm CST each day starting Dec 27th through Dec 29th.

I guarantee that you will learn many new tips and tricks to improve your scores.

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Email me for more information [email protected]

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TMSCA Online Summer Classes sign up Today!!!

Online Summer Number Sense, General Math, and Calculator Application and MATHCOUNTS Classes


Back by popular demand this summer, Anthony Gillespey the founder of MathNinja.Org and coach of the State 5A TMSCA Number Sense, Calculator, and General Math Champions will be hosting weekly online summer classes for all 3 TMSCA Math Events and Basics of MATHCOUNTS.   The classes sizes will be kept small so make sure you sign up early.   The cost  per class is $125.00 dollars but if you sign up for 3 or more class each class after the first two will be giving a $25.00 discount on each class.  I  typically charge $60.00 an hour for tutoring so this is a great bargain.  All classes will be via the internet.  All that is required is a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access and microphone.  All classes will be recorded and sent to the class members.    

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Email me for more information [email protected]

Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Class Date Time Cost
Number Sense Level 1 June 12 to June 16 9am to 10:30 am $125.00 per class

Sign up for 3 or more classes and save $25.00 per class after the first two.

Number Sense Level 2 June 19 to June 23 9am to 10:30 am
Calculator Application Level 1 June 12 to June 16 11:00 am to 12:30pm
Calculator Application Level 2 June 19 to June 23 11:00 am to 12:30pm
General Math All Levels June 26 to June 30 9:00 am to 10:30 am
MATHCOUNTS All Levels June 26 to June 30 11:00 am to 12:30pm

If you enroll in 3 or more classes there is a $25.00 discount per class after the first two  (once I verify you are in multiple classes I will refund the difference.)  

Class Descriptions

Number Sense Level 1

Who:  For 5th and 6th grader or those new to Number Sense.   If you are scoring below a 150 on Number Sense tests this is the class for you.

What :   Basic number sense tricks  ( typically the first two columns of the test) , along with test taking strategies,  and rules of the test.   This is a great overview for new coaches.

Materials Needed:  None, although purchasing my book Number Sense Workbook and Video Series is encouraged.

Number Sense Level 2

Who: For returning 6th, 7th, and 8th graders scoring above 100 on Number Sense tests or any students that has previously enrolled the Number Sense Level 1.

What:  Advanced Number Sense Tricks (typically the last two columns) and advance forms of the basic tricks.    It will be assumed that you know the foundations of Number Sense in this class.  This is a great class for Coaches that would like to help their team get more competitive.

Materials Needed:  None, although purchasing my book Number Sense Workbook and Video Series is encouraged.

Calculator Application Level 1

Who:  Any student new to Calculator Application Tests or those not familiar with a HP 35S calculator.  This is a great overview for new coaches to the contest.

What:  The basics of the HP 35s calculator, learning correct key presses for ALL number problems on the test, the rules, and test taking strategies.  The basic word problems and formulas on the test will also be taught.

Materials Needed :  Purchase a HP 35s Calculator

Calculator Application Level 2

Who:  Students that are already familiar with the HP 35s calculator or any student that has previously enrolled in Calculator  Level 1 class.

What:  A thorough overview of the Word problems and picture problems on TMSCA Calculator Tests.  Along with tips and tricks to increase your speed.

Materials Needed:  Purchase a HP 35s Calculator.  It is also highly encouraged to purchase a TI Nspire calculator.

General Math All Levels

Who:  Anyone with basic understanding of Algebra and Geometry

Materials Needed :  None

MathCounts All Levels

Who:  Anyone with basic understanding of Algebra and Geometry

What:  The Focus of the class will be on most important skills you need in order to become successful in MathCounts.  We will cover Combinations, Permutations,  Counting Principals,   Number Theory,  Advanced Geometry, and Advanced Algebra.

Materials Needed :  None, although you are encourage to purchase Competition Math for Middle Schools (purchase on Amazon)

Here are some comments from those that took the class in the past.

-I am a relatively new coach to a TMSCA team for Number Sense, General Math, and Calculator. Taking the Number Sense classes 1 and 2 and General Math was a great experience! Anthony did a great job of clearly explaining, breaking down how concepts were related and gave really smart ways to apply math based reasoning to some interesting and complex math problems. These classes have helped my confidence in tackling math problems that I, quite frankly, don’t really remember anymore! Having the videos available to refer back to during the year will be a great resource for me as well. I think these courses were a great investment for me as a coach and I would highly recommend the classes to others!

-Like every other human being, we always have a second thought when it comes to a decision. To be honest, after taking part in the sessions online, it was really worth it. This class packs a punch; Mr. Gillespey thoroughly answers questions and takes the time teaching some valuable tricks. Unlike some online discussions, where one may feel isolated, as the only companion may be his or her own computer, Mr. Gillespey’s class brings liveliness into the “air”. His good-natured humor and the immense amount of patience he has makes him extremely entertaining as a teacher, winning the majority of us with his likable personality. Not only does he actually have the passion to teach students, but it actually makes me wish that I had a better math team teacher. Mr. Gillespey engages students in learning new skills with new materials, turning classes into an experience that, like I said, is worth it.

-I am a math coach still learning the ropes of TMSCA and all that it involves. I took the Number Sense Level 1 and 2 courses, as well as the General Math course to gain a better understanding of what my students need to be successful. Anthony took extra time with me being a coach to make sure that my questions were answered. He gave personal tips that he uses with his team that you won’t learn anywhere else. I highly recommend taking these classes if you want to take your team to the next level. I’m excited to implement what I learned in the upcoming school year.

Thank you Anthony for taking the time out of your summer to provide these great learning opportunities.

-This was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you so much for all of the information you shared. I can’t wait to get back to my team and share with them the different strategies I learned from your course.

-Classes were great I learned many new things and tricks that will help me get better and faster. THANK YOU!

Advanced Number Sense Workbook Volume 2 is now for sale!!!!

Well everyone its been many years in the making but the new Number Sense book is now for presale.

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If you would like to purchase multiple books please email me at [email protected]

Here is a quick excerpt of the table of contents for the book. This book was written specifically for all the new tricks we have seen on the TMSCA test in the last 4 years. I guarantee you will find many tricks that you haven’t seen before.

Flour Bluff Hornets 33 year in a row TMSCA State Champion

Congratulations to my amazing team at Flour Bluff.  You all have an immense amount of pressure on you each year to keep our win streak alive.  We know how hard you guys worked and it showed at state.  You guys winning nearly 40% of all the top 10’s in 7th and 8th grade math events and every member of the math team placing in the top 15 in Calculator was awesome.   I couldn’t be prouder of you all.  Way to go Hornets!!!5A_team_ms 5a_8th_ms 5a_7th_ms 5a_6th_ms


Congratulations Flour Bluff Hornets Math/Science Team TMSCA State Champion for 32 years in a ROW!!

I wanted to thank my Flour Bluff Hornets math/science team for the great job they did this year.  Without a doubt you are one of the hardest working group of students in the state and it shows with your amazing results at the state championship.  We all know how hard I push you and my expectations for you are through the ceiling.  Thanks for coming to all the practices and working so hard for so long to do what you do each and every year.

Thanks again Hornets your the best!!!

Anthony Gillespey





Former Students HallariousMath Rap Video

So a former student of mine Nick Gallegos made a quadratic equation rap that is pretty funny.  Enjoy!!!

Good Job Nick!!

Supplies for Math Team

This supply list is ONLY for students on the Junior High Academic Team .

Math team supplies are as follows:  Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change.


An HP 35S calculator, or if you already have an HP 33S, you can use that.  The best price I have found on the HP 35S calculator is Amazon  for $46.00.  I know of no place you can buy them locally.










3)  1 or 2 small kitchen timers (needs to be digital)

4)  A package of quality blue pens.  Ask your child what kind of pen works best.

5)  Some kind of snacks and/or beverages.  (Never underestimate the power of a food reward).  We use these during practice when the kids are hungry or as prizes for competitions.  Chips, cakes, cookies, etc. are all good choices.

6)    OPTIONAL:  TI Nspire CX or TI Nspire calculator.  You do not need to buy one of these, but if you want to use them at competitions, you must have your own.  This is an amazing calculator and would be a great investment in your child’s education.   This calculator can be used on all state tests and all standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT.  This calculator is appropriate for college-level courses as well.  It is a bit pricey but well worth the cost.  The difference between the  CX and regular Nspire is the CX is color.  They both do the same thing.  The lowest price I have found for the CX is $130.00 on Amazon  or $61.00 for Regular Nspire on Amazon.  You can also find a good used one on Ebay.   Please make sure NOT to buy an Nspire CAS.  Those are not allowed on testing.

Student Textbook



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Textbook Information

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Congratualtions Flour Bluff Hornets 31 year in a row State TMSCA Champion

I wanted to tell the Flour Bluff  Hornets Math/ Science Team publicly how incredibly proud of you I am.  Winning Sweepstakes and sweeping all three math events at the state championship is no easy task.  Your hard work and dedication is a pleasure to watch.    No one knows how hard you have worked and the amount of hours it took from your free time to do what you have done.   Thank you.

-Mr. Gillespey

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