Sum of Two Squares


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  1. Jay

    What if the first number is odd?

    1. Jay

      For example: 15^2 + 30^2

      1. Math Rocks

        15^2 + 30^2 equals 1125. You just follow the same trick, so 15^2 is 225, and you divide 225 by 2, yielding 112.5, and you multiply that by 10. I think Mr. Gillespy meant that adding the zero means multiplying by 10.

        1. anthony gillespey

          Exactly. Adding zero means times 10.

  2. THao Nguyen

    What would you do in the approximate question like 14^2+48^2. Thanks

    1. anthony gillespey

      The type of question usually has a pattern like 2 times 3 times or 7 times as big are you sure its not one of those?

  3. Rishab

    So what do I do if the question has the units digits add up to ten and tens digits are the same? For example: 63^2+67^2

    1. anthony gillespey

      By the blue book its all in there.

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