Number Sense Workbook and Video Series Volume 1




Have you ever met someone or watch a video of a person that looks like they can do impossibly hard math in their head?  In some instances they are actually that bright but many times it is because they have learned mental math tricks that make certain math problems much easier to calculate mentally.  This book is many of those tricks.  The key concept to remember while using this book is that the calculations should be done mentally.  No scratch work should be shown.

This book was originally written to teach my own math team the basics tricks that we would use on TMSCA (Texas Math Science Coaches Association) Number Sense Test.  These tricks can be found lots of places on the internet, but I feel what sets this book apart from others is that each lesson is linked to a video on  I would recommend you watch each video then try the sample problems yourself.  Open the back of the book and check your answers.  If you are still making mistakes watch the video again or leave a comment along with your question on my website.     

All videos can be found on my website  , the direct link to the videos is  Also bookmark my YouTube Channel .  Feel free to make comments on my website about errors you find.  Who knows maybe the next time I wrote something I deem worthy of sharing with others I will send you a free copy.  Feel free to email me also at [email protected]

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