Divisibility Rules


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  1. Math Rocks

    Is there a divisibility rule for dividing by 12 or 7? Thanks.

    1. anthony gillespey

      There are 7s more work than its worth. 12 is a lot easier just do divisibility for 4 and 3.

  2. Random Guy

    Can you make a video for problems with 1011 for example to base 2 and its asking you to convert to base 4? I see those a lot and it gets annoying to skip them every time. If their already is one could you link to in a reply or if its a short explanation can you reply with it. Thank you

    1. anthony gillespey

      The trick is to think of the base four number as multiple base two problems. so for 1011 think of it as 10 and 11. Do each of these in base 2 and write both. So for 1011 base 2 to base think of it as 10 base 2 to base 10 and 11 base 2 to base 10. So 2 and 3 so the answer is 23.

    2. anthony gillespey

      I can give that look this summer. I am rewriting the book to deal with some of this new stuff.

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