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Anything dealing with teaching math or teaching in general.

Stepping Out of the Shade

The greatest lesson I ever learned as a teacher happened to me even before I started teaching.  It all started in 1990 with a bench, some shade, and a lazy teacher.  I was in college beginning my degree in engineering when I stumbled across a job at a local day care.  I soon realized that …

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My Philsophy of Teaching

Excerpt taken from an essay I wrote:     If a surgeon performs a surgery and doesn’t make a single mistake–and the patient still dies–the surgeon does not pat himself on the back and consider it a successful surgery.  Likewise, if I do everything I know to do in my efforts to reach a child yet fail to change …

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Check out the Algebra Lessons on You Tube

Each lesson I teach in my algebra class has been recorded as Youtube Videos.  A link to the page can be found here.  If you are new to teaching or simply need a new way of looking at things, I hope these videos can be of service to you.